Dr Oluwaseun John Dada has worked over the past 8 years on NanoScale materials, advanced materials manufacturing and applications, and over 10 years in Metallurgy and Aluminium Manufacturing.

I have achieved Electrolytic syntheses, characterizations, and applications of novel graphene/nano-Carbons, resulting in Superior Electrical, Electronic, Thermal and Dielectric characteristics; also resulting in the Highest Capacities when applied to Lead Acid and Lithium-ion Batteries, resulting from higher Utilization of Electrode Materials, 1st to demonstrate electrode precipitation and dissolution mechanisms in the gel-crystal electroactive zone of the lead-acid battery; synthesized graphene also resulted in higher viscoelastic mechanical behaviour in graphene-enhanced epoxy nanocomposites prepared by in-situ reduction of GO by solvent evaporation and hot stirring. Synthesized highly scalable and diversely applicable crystalline pristine graphene directly from graphite, with high basal planarity using solid-state processes, or alternative colloidal sonication process. This has resulted in the high-performance graphene anode for lithium-ion battery.

On my project on FSW, I have achieved parametric analysis, 1st SEM demonstration of material flow pattern, and failure characteristics of Friction Stir Welds of industrial and aeronautical alloys. Experience dates back to Alussuisse owned Nigerian Aluminium Extrusion, a Laboratory Extrusion project, and AIRBUS FSW project at Wits University.

Dr Dada received PhD in Mechanical Engineering Nanotechnology Concentration at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. Dr Oluwaseun John Dada is the CEO/ Director of Research and Engineering at Signature EcoSystems Technologies, Hong Kong. Dr. Dada was ORTg, Hong Kong PhD Fellow (Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology Concentration), Senate Representative, Entrepreneurship Centre (EC) Venture Entrepreneurship (VEN) Program Manager, and Engineering School Board member at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He was on AMSEN (Carnegie-RISE network) MSc scholarship at University of Witwatersrand, and won the AMSEN conference 3rd presentation prize in Nairobi. Professor Dada was Lecturer, 1st Class and Best Engineering School Graduate at the Federal University of Technology FUT, Akure. I am currently an Editor for 3 materials science journal papers and published 2 books (1. Interfacial Performance of Applied Lead/Graphene; 2. Innovative Friction Stir Welds of Aluminium Alloys Characterizations), and contributed to more than 60 scholarly journal publications.

Dr Dada is the Director of Deeper Life Foundation. He is married to Oluwaseun Esther Ajayi.


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